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Refreshing Drinks Continued


Fiji Water®(Pint/Liter)

Organic Cranberry

Bottled Apple Juice


Canned Soda


Italian Soda

Arnold Palmer

Frozen Lemonade (Reg. / Flavored)



Just Juices

Orange Watermelon Blackberry Strawberry

Papaya Peach Coconut-Pineapple Pineapple

Hawaiian Berry

 Coconut-Pineapple, Blackberry, Strawberry

Papa’s Special

 Coconut-Pineapple, Orange


Coconut-Pineapple, Papaya

Nutritional Drinks

Island Call

Coconut-Pineapple Juice, Papaya Juice,

Banana, Honey, Protein

A.M. L.A.

Orange Juice, Banana, Honey, Protein

Triple Fruit

Papaya Juice, Strawberries, Banana, Protein

Tropical Delight

Coconut-Pineapple Juice, Banana, Strawberries, Honey, Protein

Papaya Energizer

Papaya Juice, Strawberries, Honey, Protein

Peach Pizazz

Peach Juice, Banana, Honey, Protein

Strawberry Flair

Apple Juice, Strawberries, Banana, Honey, Protein

Blackberry Banana Blast

Blackberry Juice, Banana, Honey, Protein

Tropical Banana Whip

 Coconut-Pineapple Juice, Papaya Juice, 2 Bananas, Protein

Super Weight Gainer

 Whole Milk, 2 Bananas, Honey, Protein

Smoothie Special

Ask your server

Refreshing Drinks

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

(No Sugar Added Avail.)

Fruit Flavored Lemonade

(No Sugar Added Avail.)

 Strawberry, Pomegranate, Mango,

Peach, and More

Fountain Soda

Fresh Brewed Iced Tea/Tropical Iced Tea

Iced Green Tea

Espresso & Coffee Bar

Drip Coffee


Americano (Café Lungo)

 Espresso with Hot Water

Red Eye

 Espresso with Coffee

Caffe Con Panna

 Espresso Topped with Whipped Cream


 Espresso Topped with Foamed Milk

Café Mocha/ White Choc. Mocha

 Espresso, Chocolate, Hot Milk, Whipped Cream

Caramel Macchiato Latte

Chai Latte


 Espresso with a Layer of

Frothed Milk and Foam

Café Latte

 Espresso Diluted with Steamed Milk

and a Little Foam

Café Au Lait

 Hot Milk with Drip Coffee of Choice

Hot Tea, Choice of Tea Bag

Hot Chocolate With Whipped Cream


Chilled Coffee Drinks

Flavors To Choose From:

Vanilla       Caramel       Hazelnut       English Toffee       and many more

Sugar Free Flavors Upon Request


Iced Latte

 Espresso, Milk

Iced Mocha / White Mocha

 (Over Ice or Blended)

 Espresso, Milk, Chocolate, Whipped Cream

Caramel / Vanilla Freeze

English Toffee Mocha

Iced Coffee

Iced Chai

Iced Matcha Green Tea Blended

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